Big Twin Productions is a Toronto-based documentary production company specializing in character driven socially relevant films. Innovative Ideas, journalistic experience and spellbinding characters form the bedrock of our work.
Partners Michael Savoie and Jennifer Di Cresce bring over 30 years of documentary film making experience to the table. Together they bring committed documentary story telling through their producing, directing and award winning cinematography.
Big Twin Productions supports it’s films with forward thinking applications throughout all available platforms.
Dr. Peter Ferentzy’s book “Dealing With Addiction: Why The 20th Century Was Wrong” set storyteller Jennifer Di Cresce on fire with the righteous conviction that drug addicts would never be emancipated through punitive measures. In rallying behind a man that is both street punk and addictions research scientist, Jennifer’s disillusionment begins to settle in the cracks of Peter’s real struggle to keep his personal addiction at bay. Is Peter the wrong guy for the right message? The Adventures of Dr. Crackhead is a documentary point-of-view that follows Peter’s journey through a tangle of career ambitions, addiction recovery and love that ultimately leads Jennifer to a crisis of identity and resolve.

Jennifer is all about reinvention. After graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1994 with a B.A. in Women’s Studies, Jennifer took on a series of ill-fated jobs that included working as a layout artist, office manager, underwriter and lastly, a mortgage broker. Her dentist was the first to remark that another line of work might be in order.
In returning to school at Sheridan College’s Advanced Film & Television program, Jennifer reunited with her passion for stories and social issues. Quickly after graduation, her old skill sets found a home in documentary as a production coordinator/manager for such films as “Four Paths to Peace: Inspiration from the Dalai Lama” (CTV, 2009), “Music From the Big House” (doc channel, 2010), the four part series “Sex Scandals in Religion” (Vision, 2011), and The Nature of Things “The Autism Enigma” (CBC, 2011). Partnering with cinematographer Michael Savoie, Jennifer co-founded Big Twin Productions in 2011, launching into production on “The Adventures of Dr Crackhead” with the documentary channel. As a producer and writer, Jennifer still wears many hats and she has stopped grinding her teeth down.
Michael Savoie is an award-winning Canadian Cinematographer who is passionate and committed to the documentary genre. He has been privileged to work with some of the finest documentary directors in the country whose films have been broadcast worldwide.
Michael received an invitation from the CBC in the early 1980’s to join their new and innovative news and current affairs program. The Journal allowed Michael to travel the world covering serious political and social events that included several war zones. Six years later he joined The Fifth Estate, Canada’s premier investigative documentary program. During this time he also kept active in the independent film community. He was DP on a number of multi award winning films for PBS such as Born in Africa, Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo, Murder on Abortion Row as well as To Sell a War a CBC/PBS co-production which won the International Emmy in 1993. More recently he shot Claude Jutra – An Unfinished Story for the NFB/CBC and The Many Lives of Raphael Goldchain, a documentary about the internationally celebrated Canadian photographer.

Michael’s focus has more recently shifted to directing where he can apply his visual ideas and strong story sense. He was Producer and Cinematographer on Life and Times - Moe Norman, and in 2010, he was Director of the feature documentary Des McAnuff: a Life in Stages, about the Artistic Director of the Stratford Theatre. In partnership with Jennifer Di Cresce, he is currently producing and directing The Adventures of Dr. Crackhead for the documentary channel.

Michael is a Full Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.
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